Rosie + Stefan – Allgäu / Neuschwanstein

Rosie and Stefan flew in from the US to celebrate their wedding among family and friends (from all over the world) in beautiful Allgäu.  He proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower and to complement that, their chosen location was – Neuschwanstein – the beautiful fairytale castle in the clouds.  And there were clouds right from the beginning of the day.  This is the castle which served as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle.

Rosie Stefan-1Rosie Stefan-4 Rosie Stefan-11 Rosie Stefan-13 Rosie Stefan-17 Rosie Stefan-19 Rosie Stefan-20Rosie Stefan-27 Rosie Stefan-29 Rosie Stefan-38Rosie Stefan-41 Rosie Stefan-39 Rosie Stefan-45

Once we arrived, we took the horse carts up to the castle.  You can also choose to walk, but it’s 1500 meters up, and the slopes aren’t gentle either.  Even with the horse carts, we still had to walk around 200 to 300 meters more to the castle.  The entire bridal party, family and guests went for a tour of the castle, and ended the tour with a photoshoot on the castle’s balcony which gave an awesome view of the Foggersee and landscape below.  Truly breathtaking.  I can only imagine that was what Ludwig 2 (the king of Bavaria who built the castle) was seeing everyday.

Rosie Stefan-46 Rosie Stefan-55 Rosie Stefan-56Rosie Stefan-67 Rosie Stefan-70 Rosie Stefan-75 Rosie Stefan-80 Rosie Stefan-83 Rosie Stefan-88 Rosie Stefan-95 Rosie Stefan-97 Rosie Stefan-99 Rosie Stefan-100Rosie Stefan-116 Rosie Stefan-123 Rosie Stefan-133 Rosie Stefan-134 Rosie Stefan-137 Rosie Stefan-139 Rosie Stefan-142 Rosie Stefan-154

Next stop – the Marienbrücke – which would give a nice view of Neuschwanstein and allow us to take some portrait pictures with the castle as a backdrop.  Did I mention that we would have to walk some more to the bridge?  Although the signs said 15 minutes, when you add a bridal gown and high-heel shoes into the mix, it’s probably going to be a little longer.  At some point, Rosie gamely took off her shoes (pretty pink bejewelled Valentino shoes) and walked barefoot with a huge smile on her face.

Rosie Stefan-159 Rosie Stefan-164 Rosie Stefan-172 Rosie Stefan-177 Rosie Stefan-181

We got some nice shots of the couple, and you’d never guess that there was absolutely no space to take the shot (Bridge width is around 1,5 to 2 meters maximum).  Or that the entire bridge was full of tourists.  You can make see the picture below where they were trying to get off the bridge and imagine how many people there were on the narrow bridge.

Rosie Stefan-185 Rosie Stefan-203 Rosie Stefan-208 Rosie Stefan-209

Stefan decided to carry Rosie down the slope to the stand where we had to wait for the horse carts.  🙂

Rosie Stefan-213 Rosie Stefan-221 Rosie Stefan-226 Rosie Stefan-230 Rosie Stefan-236

Neuschwanstein – Castle in the clouds.  I decided to process this picture in the style of a chinese painting mixed with a little of Van Gogh.  A fusion of east and west.

Rosie Stefan-243

At the ceremony location where we could see both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, which is an older bavarian castle.  But beautiful nonetheless.  Before the ceremony, it was time for a change of dress and hairstyle.

Rosie Stefan-245 Rosie Stefan-246 Rosie Stefan-249 Rosie Stefan-253 Rosie Stefan-254 Rosie Stefan-255 Rosie Stefan-256 Rosie Stefan-258

And Allgäu, being Allgäu, it started to rain.  But no worries, they held the ceremony in the main room of the reception hall, which was already prepared for such an eventuality.

Rosie Stefan-259 Rosie Stefan-270 Rosie Stefan-274 Rosie Stefan-285 Rosie Stefan-292 Rosie Stefan-293 Rosie Stefan-301 Rosie Stefan-302

The rain stopped after the wedding ceremony and it was time to release the pigeons.  And as you can see, it decided to rain again.  But no matter, the rain made a beautiful scene just more awesome!

Rosie Stefan-328 Rosie Stefan-335 Rosie Stefan-339Rosie Stefan-313 Rosie Stefan-318Rosie Stefan-343 Rosie Stefan-346Rosie Stefan-324 Rosie Stefan-360 Rosie Stefan-367 Rosie Stefan-372 Rosie Stefan-373 Rosie Stefan-375 Rosie Stefan-393

After everyone left for the evening location, I wanted to get a few more shots of the couple.  And for the first time that day, the sun decided to appear.  Perfect timing indeed!  5 minutes later, we were off.

Rosie Stefan-397 Rosie Stefan-399 Rosie Stefan-403 Rosie Stefan-404

The next part was shooting the couple while they were travelling up on the ski lifts.

Rosie Stefan-412 Rosie Stefan-420

At the top of the hill, next to the restaurant, there were alphorn players welcoming the guests and couple.  Also, you can get a good view of the Foggersee from here.  The sun came out at the right time and it felt like a blessing for the couple.

Rosie Stefan-439 Rosie Stefan-450 Rosie Stefan-451 Rosie Stefan-459 Rosie Stefan-463 Rosie Stefan-464 Rosie Stefan-476 Rosie Stefan-478 Rosie Stefan-479 Rosie Stefan-484 Rosie Stefan-485 Rosie Stefan-487 Rosie Stefan-490 Rosie Stefan-491 Rosie Stefan-492 Rosie Stefan-496 Rosie Stefan-498 Rosie Stefan-500 Rosie Stefan-519 Rosie Stefan-526 Rosie Stefan-536 Rosie Stefan-541 Rosie Stefan-542

Another costume change, and this time in a traditional chinese dress – the cheongsam.  And with the sunset, it was another excuse to go out and get some more pictures!

Rosie Stefan-545 Rosie Stefan-547 Rosie Stefan-567-Edit

Final change of the night, into a red dress (chinese love red – it’s our lucky colour!) for a special first dance.  And a shot in the twilight sun before partying.  At midnight, sparklers, and a beautiful heart.  A perfect day.

Rosie Stefan-585 Rosie Stefan-586 Rosie Stefan-588 Rosie Stefan-598-Edit Rosie Stefan-600 Rosie Stefan-609 Rosie Stefan-611 Rosie Stefan-613 Rosie Stefan-614 Rosie Stefan-618 Rosie Stefan-630 Rosie Stefan-632 Rosie Stefan-635 Rosie Stefan-639

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