Katharina Ayman-390

I remember that day in March when I took these pictures.  I wondered if it would be cold that day.  Would be it be alright?  But the sun was out for Katharina and Ayman’s wedding day in Cologne.  I remember the laughter, the tears of joy on their faces.  The friends who travelled the long distance from Austria for the wedding, the family living in Cologne.

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Katharina + Ayman in Cologne
Sabrina Bastian 13092014-756

I am constantly amazed at how anything can be turned into something useful.  I guess I can see pictures through a camera but not recognize other things.  I mean, I’m hopeless in interior design.  As long as it’s functional it’ll suit me fine.  So to be able to come to this location again – in Munich – was just awesome.  When we met, they asked me if I knew the location.  Sweet serendipity, it was the location of my first ever Munich wedding.  We laughed about that one for a bit.

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Bastian + Sabrina in Munich
Isa Andi 30082014-454

Andi and Isa’s awesome barn wedding in Siegburg.  We were getting ready to leave for the church and the bride nearly had a nervous breakdown when the dress didn’t arrive.  Frantic phone calls later, the father of the dad saved the day.  That’s something no one’s going to forget for a bit.  

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Isa + Andi’s mootastic wedding
Daniella Bastian 09082014-360

I met Daniela while I was covering another wedding at the restaurant she was managing at the same location two years back.  And I must have made a good impression on her because for her wedding, she remembered me and asked if I was available for her wedding.  As it turned out, I was and I was facing yet another beautiful summer’s day in the uppermost portion of Bavaria, in Oberfranken.  Check out the pics.

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Daniela + Bastian
Anna Philipp 26072014-238

Anna and Philipp’s wedding took place in a gorgeous orthodox basilica in the Euskirchen region on a lovely summer’s day.  The artwork / sculpture in the church was gorgeous.  Pictures below.  They had relatives from Denmark who drove down to attend the wedding.  What’s awesome is that their relatives were all part of a musical family.

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Anna + Philipp
Steffie Sebastian 12072014-140

Steffi and Christian celebrated their wedding at the Godesburg in Bonn.  It’s a beautiful location with a central tower which one can climb (more on that later).  Even though it was raining again this Saturday(The last few Saturdays in July 2014 have been nothing but rain), it added to the atmosphere.  The ceremony was originally planned to be held outside, but was shifted inside because of the weather.  Another challenge, but hey, wedding photography is all about dealing with the challenges on the spot and solving them.  I like the line Tom Cruise says in The Last Samurai – “I believe that a man should do what he can – until his destiny is revealed to him”.  I can attest that this applies directly to wedding photography.

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Stephanie + Christian
Romina Mario 28062014-452

It was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop Mario and Romina from enjoying their wedding in Bergisch Gladbach.  Parts of the wedding was a homage to the city of Cologne.  From the table numbering which used kölsch sayings to the awesome cake.  Check out the pictures here.

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Romina and Mario

2014.   It’s been quite a ride.  I’ve had the privilege of covering many amazing shoots this year.  2014 has been a year where i’ve been thinking a lot more about my photography and where I’m going as an artist and photographer.  It’s a strange road sometimes, when I can’t see the next step in front of me.  But one thing I do know is that I have to keep on walking forward and things will fall into place piece by piece.  Creatively, I’m trying to find my own style, my own signature shots.  And each wedding shoot is a little baby step towards that goal.  Speaking of baby steps, this year I got a present – a baby daughter!  More responsibility but her smiles more than make up for it.  🙂

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2014 – A Look Back